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Help Calculating Yardage Allowance for a Specific Repeat (54" fabric)

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the chart helps you lay out your cuts for a 54" fabric, whether you are cutting up the roll or railroading the fabric (using the fabric "sideways").  But what if there is a pattern?  A pattern will have a vertical and a horizontal repeat.  Both will affect your yield and so both need to be taken into account when laying out your fabric.  

One method is to PLOT points according to the V & H repeat, on the blank lay-out chart.  Then, as you draw in your needed parts, you can use plotted points to determine where the parts need to be placed.  (i.e. be certain there is a bouquet in the center of the cushion)

However, for 54" fabric, there is another way to come up with the total yardage you will need; MAKE an ALLOWANCE

How-To Calculate the Proper Allowance To calculate proper allowance for the repeat of a specific pattern: First figure the job in Plain Fabric. (for that, you might want to use " the layout chart")

Next ADD the Vertical repeat to Horizontal repeat. Fabric distributors will always show the vertical and horizontal repeat of a fabric they are selling. The total of these two figures will guide you to the correct allowance range.

THEN  Multiply PLAIN yardage needed by the % shown below the sum of the two repeats
plain  3"-14"   15"-19"   20"-27"   28"-36"   37"-43"   44"-51"
 0%    10%       15%      20%        25%        30%        35%

Put another way, the math, where p = plain yardage, is this:
plain   3"-14"   15"-19"   20"-27"   28"-36"   37"-43"   44"-51"
px1    px1.1    px1.15    px1.2     px1.25     px1.3     px1.35

SO, if the chair, in plain fabric, requires 7 yards Then if the fabric has a Vertical Repeat of 18" and a Horizontal repeat of 13.5" Your total is 18 + 13.5 = 31.5

Is 31.5" shown?  It falls within the range of 28" and 36" A total of 28"-36"  requires a 25% allowance) so 7 x 25% = 1.75 and 7 + 1.75 = 8.75  Eight and three quarters is your total yardage needed

You can also multiply 7 x .25 = 1.75 (25% is that same as 25 hundredths) and just add 1.75 to 8 

OR  Since p x 1 =p then 7 x 1.25 = 8.75  There is your yardage, with allowance, in one equation

When you are using a European fabric, then the width is not quite 54".  Just shift the allowance one knotch higher.  31.5" would require 30% of 52" fabric.  (9.1 yards, if 54" plain fabric could do the job in 7 yards)

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